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When kids get too big for things that they own, Children’s Orchard finds stuff a new home.

Children’s Orchard in New Berlin, WI is a great concept for kids – and parents. The kid’s resale market is especially important because it addresses an entirely different need: It isn’t just a choice to change sizes, it’s a MUST! Children outgrow their clothing very quickly, so Children’s Orchard allows parents to bring in “gently-used” clothing to sell that their children have outgrown, and purchase like-new clothing at a much lower cost in their child’s current size.

At Children’s Orchard you can find like new children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and equipment at up to 70% off mall store prices. Our stores only stock pieces that are in great condition, on trend and in current demand. We pay you cash on the spot for the items your children have outgrown.

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At Children’s Orchard, we buy and sell “gently-used” children’s apparel, shoes, toys, and equipment. Since kids outgrow their clothing so fast, it’s a struggle for parents to keep their kids in quality clothing without spending a fortune on it. Something your kids loved that fit them perfectly a month ago might not fit them at all now. Why not be able to dress your kids in clothes they love without breaking the bank – and also have the opportunity to bring in their barely worn clothing to get cash or credit towards something that is “gently-used” for them?

Because parents want their kids to be able to dress in a practical but fun way, Children’s Orchard in New Berlin makes it much easier to buy them like-new clothes while still being able to put food on the table. We help you meet your kid’s everyday lifestyle changes by growing and adapting their wardrobe in the most cost-effective way possible… RESALE. And at prices up to 70% off of retail, the savings are huge.

 At Children’s Orchard not only are we cost conscious, but we are environmentally conscious. We believe in sustainable clothing and supporting our local communities. Our goal is to inspire you to live differently, to express yourself with a lifestyle that cares for our environment.

Money doesn’t spring from trees, but Children’s Orchard makes shopping a breeze.


 Clothing We Love:

• Newborn & Infant Clothing
Toddler Clothing
• Boys’ Clothing
• Girls’ Clothing 
• Boots, Sandals & Shoes
• Outerwear, Sleepwear & Swimwear
• Costumes & Dancewear


 Toys and Kids Stuff We Love:

• Books & Games
• Activity Centers
• Jumpers
• Walkers

• Highchairs
• Playpens
• Strollers
• Toys